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The ARM 64 experiment

Well, here it is, at this moment looks logical multimedia on debian 32 (raspbian) and production on suse 42 x64 ARM, seems stable, usable, modern and well designed, using 32GB cards, compatible with most setups, “and” actually running as well on 12v (direct solar, with 12v DC to 3A USB converter, monitor is 12v, 3.3A plugged directly,) drains mostly less than 1-2A, so, is all good.

Now, let’s see, with a SPARC64, solaris 11, (scalable,) farm of servers, or even ol IBM mainframe running linux in the back, 60$ per station, who needs PCs and Macs now ?, well, there are still folks that buy gas guzzlers, so for PCs and Macs cultists, (and government appropriation mitwits,) there may be a future, even if the wallet hurts. 😉

Here raspbian, debian 32 (jessie:)





And here suse 64, v42 (stable)









Written by dibi58

September 29, 2017 at 10:53 pm


One question to pose oneself at this time, is if all the drama that has characterized the US IT industry since the last decade and a half, may not be actually an “opportunity” to strip from the US the leadership of the IT market, with the same logic that happened in the cars market in the last half century.

Let’s remember what happened for a minute, there was a time that US car makers were only bragging about their “superior technology,” that time started when the US had a market share of 50% and ended, with a miserable 5% share ih the last century. One thing is certain, the “superiority” does not seem to be that impressive any longer.

The first crack in the US IT system has been in the early nineties, with open software, even if the effects are not “yet” completelly visible, the following DRM, TPM, VPRO, spying agendas, et cetera, are “all” a symptom that the possibility of losing a grip on the market, and is something they are quite afraid of, since they have tried to shift in “hardware” their dominant position.

Now, the unreliability of US controlled consumer hardware, (just as software, subject to remote sabotage,) developed starting in the 21st century, is also a sign of the attempt to shift the monopoly position into some different zone, but nevertheless the effort may turn out alienating every user on the planet sooner or later, is a fact that even if in the US nobody carries it, (probably some hidden rulings make it so,) there is plenty of hardware now to go around the american brand names for systems, routers, and phone equipment.

Certainly it may take more in the US to get to discard completelly hardware compatibility with (most of) the US industry, but the question one should pose himself is why should not the users in asia, europe, africa and oceania, for instance start buying en-masse chinese MIPS or british ARM64 or japanese SPARC, instead than full of spyware Intel or AMD, same for tablets and phones …

So far nobody sells such stuff in the US, probably because of bullying of the wall street spying mafia complex, but again, globalization is going to crash anytime now, so may as well be prepared …

Also, a good start, separating video and communications from systems, separating data from code, dropping systems that can not run esclusivelly from livecd, dropping flash storage of any kind, few ideas … maybe there is something new to do for all the small shops and integrators the arrogant US IT industry and government have wiped out of the market in the last 20 years, with their nazi-orwellian agenda …

There was a naive time in IT, when once a system crashed systematically, we would keep installing it like sisyphus, but at some point it may came a stage of maturity, whereas when a class of systems gets to create problems systematically, with the same pragmatism gets to hit the donation pile or the garbage, and that time is not too far in time …

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September 7, 2016 at 7:21 pm

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Internet destined to be another propaganda pulpit

Apparently finally the christian mafia that has hijacked the us, is going to apply “politically correct” censorship to the internet to protect and defend the us “new world order” world governance of religious-usury-drugs-legal-criminals enterprise.

Evidently is necessary a new network to preserve scientific information from the corruption dogma and bullshit disinformation of the pedo-christo-inbred four vultures of the apocalypse (religion mafia, usury-banking mafia, politics-economics mafia, and tyranny of majority of chicken brains failed democracy mafia.) Open firmware bridges could provide access to completely insulated (from internet) citizens networks, whereas city to city bridging could be developed as community project, with high security solutions micro-financed by citizens on their own “private” (better, “citizens corporation,”) support.

“And” obviously “only FOS” suppliers, hardware and software, besides a different IT modus operandi. This necessary evolution requires a complete overhaul of appropriation specifications, oriented towards demand designed specifically to bypass the monopolistic criminal-governmental totalitarian rackets, into sustainable and simple to develop and produce anywhere, clusters of mini boards, running open operating systems with source compiling on any vanilla open compiler.

Unfortunately, pedo-christo eugenic neo-nazi and totalitarian “superior” rogue countries, are now the scoundrels expecting to limit freedom of expression, trough monopolistic abuse, therefore the IT leadership of the scoundrels protecting and defending the interest of governmental-crime-rackets, must be bypassed into a system that permits free exchange of scientific method and research planet wise, from those self referent rackets at the service of propaganda of imbecilities and self referent social abuse.

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February 28, 2016 at 9:47 pm

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Almost there


Well, all the useless going, concentrating in virtualization, and fewer architectures, only SPARC, less headaches, intel, banned, no moo, this one, not mine. Soon architectural updates, once the roof in the computer room is fixed, given away so much stuff that the whole tool chain has changed, in the simpler and sustainable. Many more changes in software choices to come.

At this point don’t feel to have too much left to live, so may as well downsize and clean up, simple is often result of a long process, maybe is time to work concentrating on the last system for the next situation, guess if I live long enough, next is pocket-size micro-boards clusters, all the rack below 75W.

OTOH, the last two decades pedo-christian usury-ponzi-predator direction taken by the american intellighentsia, based on historical “facts,” and more facts, may make advisable avoiding completely most of american originated IT appropriation, as per hardware, software and even services and networks including all social “and” telephone-communication equipment.

There is something in common between second war IBM holocaust forced labor punch cards “optimization,” and today Intel espionage and remote control remote sabotage / Apple forced children slave labor of our days, AI, not that one, the other one. Sorry, not going to be accomplice, keep your phones, tablets and all other crap virtual leashing flashy idiocy, going back to critical analog and non critical digital, and to possibly non us sources of the later. All the spying agenda discovered, as per the proscription lists of second war punch cards, confirm this picture.

And the all new polemic (sounds like joke) about (government proposed to) apple “solution” back door, looks like entertaining disinformation, so all those geniuses are telling us that is “impossible” to image an i-phone and give the image to whatever (what about Lockheed ? to brute force break it with their quantum computer ?,) come out with a better excuse for your spying, please. Practically what they want is introducing systems to violate jurisdiction limitations “on the whole planet,” new world order anybody ? like nobody knows by now treaties with the us are not worth the paper they are written on, thanks to the “coup” of this pedo-christian inbred nazi mafia, hallelujah.

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December 10, 2015 at 7:40 am

Here, last one (the other one become spare parts:)

Say it now or withhold it forever, micro-channel, running only big endian, sorry, no ARC, if you don’t know what it is, obviously is not something for you, here good to go, ask and you will be given, at a reasonable price, unless you know who you are:









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October 8, 2015 at 9:12 am

Mortality statistics

If you may be interested, some experimental mortality due to lousy electrical systems, combined with excessive humidity, numbers as manifested in the last decade (updated for sold:)

SGI MIPS64 dead 0 of 2
IBM 6000 PPC64 dead 0 of 1
HP/Apollo 9000 HPPA dead 0 of 3 (one alienated now)
Compaq/HP x86/x64 dead 7 of 9 (and two barely alive now)
DEC/Compaq Alpha dead 1 of 3 (one alienated now)
DEC VAX dead 0 of 2
Apple dead 6 of 9 (and two alienated)
Sun SPARC64 dead 3 of 11 (and two alienated now)
Cybertron x86/x64 dead 2 of 2

Eventually what we can all see, is that quality is important, “and” market favors junk over well built systems, now think about that at your next appropriation project.

(updated on 9/8/2016)

Written by dibi58

October 4, 2015 at 11:36 am

Well, we knew was going to happen sooner or later.

Well, we knew was going to happen sooner or later, excessive confidence of self worth has been a known human factor in most of major accidents, including ‘conceptually flawed’ design result of ‘conceptually flawed’ security strategies.

I found one of those firmware bugs in a (consumer) router right around 2011-2012, another one much earlier in a firmware upgradeable motherboard flash, from there the planting of “firmware” to fork towards mass consumers devices, and towards commercial rate devices, was kind like “obvious” to expect.

Also, other vulnerabilities of the same family, known to have been implanted by the protect and defend hacked teams rackets, (and distributed to their equivalent protect and defend rackets with death squads “friends,”) regard now “new” factory rigged motherboards and hard disks firmware, a little 180 millions problem, so far, only destined to become popular across script kiddies and criminal networks, creating a positive feedback loop of drop of trust of IT and governments rackets, the same, usual fourth stage of orlov scale of collapse of civilizations.

All the symptoms point to the IOT being directed towards becoming the ION, well, the “superior geniuses” of qualified and competent american IT, the same geniouses that designed critical controls of critical (mass transport and utilities services) systems on DOS, are going to bring you the pleasant experience of living in a hunted house, all freely included, with the new unprivileged rackets of *stores and “Internet Of Nightmares,” soon coming in a comcast box with any suburbia cardboard mc mansion near you 😉

Thirty years later I still can not see what was wrong with ol ROMs, upgrade, could be purchased (back then at radio shack, but now “could be” at) any walmart near you, but maybe I’m too old for this ‘modern’ geniuses architecture technology that makes you waste more time keeping your BYOD crap running and updating, than using it, hallelujah.

On aside, today I canceled from my reading list, all the newspapers reporting on facebook thumbs down changes, including a paper I read for the last 55 years, can read on news agencies what happened to them, if i need to, and looking again at the list left afterwards, think the list of pile of pedo-christian nazi genocides mafia propaganda garbage media is decreasing while the list of information is improved.

So while zuckerberg plays the lyra like nero, and america burns, as artwork of the KKK GOP pedo-christian teabaggers leadership, maybe the rome georgia gladiators can do a belly dance performance for him to approve or deny, in the chicago colosseum. Damn romans that ran out of lions.

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September 15, 2015 at 4:30 pm

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