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ASUS X55, running Knoppix, nice expensive paperweight with Intel crapware technology, useless

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IMG_4580 So for sad reasons (my partner 20yo son died recently in a car accident,) my partner has now this brilliant piece of equipment, which won’t be used for practically anything, because practically untrustable and incompatible with any useful open software, but it is a memory, an in so has become an expensive paper weight, just like all the new generation Orwellian Intel (and soon AMD,) hardware. Still better with Knoppix than Windoze 8 crap, guess we may use it to test wireless, once in a while, or maybe we can just yank the hard disk, and run only with a live CD and a plug in and out pen drive. Who can trust garbage design as such ? Guess the age of x86 and x64 is over, back to RISC, no other choices. UPDATE: now running suse 13.1, not bad, after setting the BIOS to legacy and eliminating the UEFI partition with low level formatting, (who wants a DOS partition, this is another idiocy,) still an unsafe system with sandy bridge, useless, but good enough for the gf, for twitter and facebook gossip.


Written by dibi58

December 11, 2013 at 10:19 am

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