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Mortality statistics

If you may be interested, some experimental mortality due to lousy electrical systems, combined with excessive humidity, numbers as manifested in the last decade (updated for sold:)

SGI MIPS64 dead 0 of 2
IBM 6000 PPC64 dead 0 of 1
HP/Apollo 9000 HPPA dead 0 of 3 (one alienated now)
Compaq/HP x86/x64 dead 7 of 9 (and two barely alive now)
DEC/Compaq Alpha dead 1 of 3 (one alienated now)
DEC VAX dead 0 of 2
Apple dead 6 of 9 (and two alienated)
Sun SPARC64 dead 3 of 11 (and two alienated now)
Cybertron x86/x64 dead 2 of 2

Eventually what we can all see, is that quality is important, “and” market favors junk over well built systems, now think about that at your next appropriation project.

(updated on 9/8/2016)


Written by dibi58

October 4, 2015 at 11:36 am