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Internet destined to be another propaganda pulpit

Apparently finally the christian mafia that has hijacked the us, is going to apply “politically correct” censorship to the internet to protect and defend the us “new world order” world governance of religious-usury-drugs-legal-criminals enterprise.

Evidently is necessary a new network to preserve scientific information from the corruption dogma and bullshit disinformation of the pedo-christo-inbred four vultures of the apocalypse (religion mafia, usury-banking mafia, politics-economics mafia, and tyranny of majority of chicken brains failed democracy mafia.) Open firmware bridges could provide access to completely insulated (from internet) citizens networks, whereas city to city bridging could be developed as community project, with high security solutions micro-financed by citizens on their own “private” (better, “citizens corporation,”) support.

“And” obviously “only FOS” suppliers, hardware and software, besides a different IT modus operandi. This necessary evolution requires a complete overhaul of appropriation specifications, oriented towards demand designed specifically to bypass the monopolistic criminal-governmental totalitarian rackets, into sustainable and simple to develop and produce anywhere, clusters of mini boards, running open operating systems with source compiling on any vanilla open compiler.

Unfortunately, pedo-christo eugenic neo-nazi and totalitarian “superior” rogue countries, are now the scoundrels expecting to limit freedom of expression, trough monopolistic abuse, therefore the IT leadership of the scoundrels protecting and defending the interest of governmental-crime-rackets, must be bypassed into a system that permits free exchange of scientific method and research planet wise, from those self referent rackets at the service of propaganda of imbecilities and self referent social abuse.


Written by dibi58

February 28, 2016 at 9:47 pm

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