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One question to pose oneself at this time, is if all the drama that has characterized the US IT industry since the last decade and a half, may not be actually an “opportunity” to strip from the US the leadership of the IT market, with the same logic that happened in the cars market in the last half century.

Let’s remember what happened for a minute, there was a time that US car makers were only bragging about their “superior technology,” that time started when the US had a market share of 50% and ended, with a miserable 5% share ih the last century. One thing is certain, the “superiority” does not seem to be that impressive any longer.

The first crack in the US IT system has been in the early nineties, with open software, even if the effects are not “yet” completelly visible, the following DRM, TPM, VPRO, spying agendas, et cetera, are “all” a symptom that the possibility of losing a grip on the market, and is something they are quite afraid of, since they have tried to shift in “hardware” their dominant position.

Now, the unreliability of US controlled consumer hardware, (just as software, subject to remote sabotage,) developed starting in the 21st century, is also a sign of the attempt to shift the monopoly position into some different zone, but nevertheless the effort may turn out alienating every user on the planet sooner or later, is a fact that even if in the US nobody carries it, (probably some hidden rulings make it so,) there is plenty of hardware now to go around the american brand names for systems, routers, and phone equipment.

Certainly it may take more in the US to get to discard completelly hardware compatibility with (most of) the US industry, but the question one should pose himself is why should not the users in asia, europe, africa and oceania, for instance start buying en-masse chinese MIPS or british ARM64 or japanese SPARC, instead than full of spyware Intel or AMD, same for tablets and phones …

So far nobody sells such stuff in the US, probably because of bullying of the wall street spying mafia complex, but again, globalization is going to crash anytime now, so may as well be prepared …

Also, a good start, separating video and communications from systems, separating data from code, dropping systems that can not run esclusivelly from livecd, dropping flash storage of any kind, few ideas … maybe there is something new to do for all the small shops and integrators the arrogant US IT industry and government have wiped out of the market in the last 20 years, with their nazi-orwellian agenda …

There was a naive time in IT, when once a system crashed systematically, we would keep installing it like sisyphus, but at some point it may came a stage of maturity, whereas when a class of systems gets to create problems systematically, with the same pragmatism gets to hit the donation pile or the garbage, and that time is not too far in time …


Written by dibi58

September 7, 2016 at 7:21 pm

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