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A reference journal on various past projects, retro-computing experiments and integration, and related progress. For the curious, some of the systems I have used in my working life and pleasure times, and I remember with affection, from newer to older, below (and there are many more I don’t remember of at this minute:)

Current, (some of the) systems:

Raspberry ARM64 (aarch64) (client) running suse 42 and debian jessie raspbian.

Sunblade and Sunfire (many, still going, the Sunfire running Oracle 8, 9 and 10 on Solaris 9 and 10, working on Oracle 11, the Sunblade runs oi 11 and debian as well,) Ultra 5 at this time is down, resurrection in progress after another bad battery clock.

VAX Server 3100 KA-41E (last VAX of many, triple boot VMS 6.1, BSD and Unix 3.5.)

DEC Alpha UDB “Multia” (last Alpha of many, triple boot VMS 7.31, BSD and Unix 5.1, no ARC any longer, no room for newer firmware, SRM only.)

Stored, not in use, waiting for better times:

Apple Newton 2100 (still going, with year 2010 calendar fixes and working WIFI too !.)

VXT2000 and Sunray terminals.

SGI Indy R5000, mainly video systems, (a couple left of four, still going, one dual boot with Debian Sarge.)

HP 9000 780 C110 ‘raven 120T’ (A4200A, HPPA 7200,) (running HP-UX 10.20)

IBM RS6000 7006 (running AIX 4.3 and 5.1)

Past systems:

HP Proliant DL385 dual/dual (running centos 6.5 x64 with oracle 11R1)

HP quad (running XEN and Solaris 11.3, dual boot)

HP quad (running centos x64 6.6, solaris x64 11.3, vista64, with respectively, Oracle 11R1 and VMmanager, Oracle 11R2, and Oracle 12)

DEC PWS “Miata” (running alpha linux 2.99 and VMS 7.31)

Proliant 1850R, two KATMAI (running RedHat 9 and Oracle 9)

Proliant ML370, two TUALATIN 1.26, (running Solaris 10 and Oracle 10)

Proliant ML110 (running 2003 edu and AD, at times also 2008 edu, at times also 2000WS and 2000SVR, with the whole nine yards ora 8 to 11 design, developer and RDBMS, production)

G4 Silver, 800 and G3 Beige, 333, mainly video systems

Mac Power 6500 Gazelle 300 “Avid Video” (OS 8.1 and 8.6 dual boot)

SUN SparcStation 10 “ROSS” 180 (running Solaris Server 7)

DEC AXPpci33 “No-name” (running VMS 7.31 and Centos 4.3)

SUN Ultra 1 and Server (many, running Solaris 8, some also Oracle 8)

DEC APX 2000-300 “Jensen” (running NT 3.51 and 4.0)

HP 9000 Apollo 735 HPPA 7100 ‘snake cheetah’ (running 10.20 and Oracle 7)

HP 9000 Apollo 715 ‘scorpio’

SUN SparcServer 5

DEC AlphaStation “Mustang”

SuperMAC, many

Mac Power 6400 and 6500

R&R MIPS (R&R labeled Tandem Challenge S, in beige coat)

DEC Station 3100 (MIPS RISC)

VAX Station 3100 and 4000

IBM 3090 (running Oracle 5 and DB2)

Honeywell / Bull 6000/600 GCOS/HVS and Interactive Unix (running Oracle 6)

Honeywell / Bull 6000/200 GCOS/HVS

Wang “Tempest” 386 (running Oracle 6)

Mac IIi

Zenith 386 (running Oracle 5)

IBM AT (with custom BIOS ROMS) running SCO XENIX

Honeywell Level 6  (10/20/45/95,) GCOS

Sony GP70 “Genlocker” video processor, CPM

IBM 3270

8088 XT, running CPM86 and DOS

IBM Displaywriter, CPM

Commodore 128, CPM3

STM Pied Piper Communicator, CPM

Televideo, CPM

Fluke, CPM, instrument calibration controller

Apple ][ +, E and GS, also with CPM softcard

Commodore 8032

Apple ][ running UCSD and DOS 3.3

Also some more system I occasionally used at friends homes, businesses and offices, customers sites, and at various trade shows, conferences and user groups, which definitively left an unforgettable memory in IT history:

SGI Indigo

DEC Alpha 4000

IBM 36

Amiga Toaster

Apple Lisa

DEC Rainbow

Sord 68K running CPM 68K

AT&T 3B2 and 3B5

Olivetti M20

Mac XL

Xerox Star

Kaypro II

TRS80 Model III

CompuPRO S100

Osborne I

Zenith / Heat 19

Facit CPM


Written by dibi58

June 24, 2011 at 8:31 pm

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  1. Hi there, you have definitely been around, judging by the list of computer systems above, of which many generations have come and gone in mere decades!

    Where is the Atari in your list?


    July 31, 2013 at 2:00 am

    • There is not one, as the commodore 64, I had friends that had some of those (and many other,) so I did play with them at times, not my main interests, but the games were fun, space invaders was a classic.

      I just listed the systems which had IMVHO, a higher relevant place in production, I realize there are hundreds not listed, some I don’t even remember the names of, but I have a number of interesting pictures in my mind. 😉


      July 31, 2013 at 3:30 am

  2. UW 😉


    August 16, 2013 at 4:56 am

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