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Almost there


Well, all the useless going, concentrating in virtualization, and fewer architectures, only SPARC, less headaches, intel, banned, no moo, this one, not mine. Soon architectural updates, once the roof in the computer room is fixed, given away so much stuff that the whole tool chain has changed, in the simpler and sustainable. Many more changes in software choices to come.

At this point don’t feel to have too much left to live, so may as well downsize and clean up, simple is often result of a long process, maybe is time to work concentrating on the last system for the next situation, guess if I live long enough, next is pocket-size micro-boards clusters, all the rack below 75W.

OTOH, the last two decades pedo-christian usury-ponzi-predator direction taken by the american intellighentsia, based on historical “facts,” and more facts, may make advisable avoiding completely most of american originated IT appropriation, as per hardware, software and even services and networks including all social “and” telephone-communication equipment.

There is something in common between second war IBM holocaust forced labor punch cards “optimization,” and today Intel espionage and remote control remote sabotage / Apple forced children slave labor of our days, AI, not that one, the other one. Sorry, not going to be accomplice, keep your phones, tablets and all other crap virtual leashing flashy idiocy, going back to critical analog and non critical digital, and to possibly non us sources of the later. All the spying agenda discovered, as per the proscription lists of second war punch cards, confirm this picture.

And the all new polemic (sounds like joke) about (government proposed to) apple “solution” back door, looks like entertaining disinformation, so all those geniuses are telling us that is “impossible” to image an i-phone and give the image to whatever (what about Lockheed ? to brute force break it with their quantum computer ?,) come out with a better excuse for your spying, please. Practically what they want is introducing systems to violate jurisdiction limitations “on the whole planet,” new world order anybody ? like nobody knows by now treaties with the us are not worth the paper they are written on, thanks to the “coup” of this pedo-christian inbred nazi mafia, hallelujah.


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December 10, 2015 at 7:40 am

Well, we knew was going to happen sooner or later.

Well, we knew was going to happen sooner or later, excessive confidence of self worth has been a known human factor in most of major accidents, including ‘conceptually flawed’ design result of ‘conceptually flawed’ security strategies.

I found one of those firmware bugs in a (consumer) router right around 2011-2012, another one much earlier in a firmware upgradeable motherboard flash, from there the planting of “firmware” to fork towards mass consumers devices, and towards commercial rate devices, was kind like “obvious” to expect.

Also, other vulnerabilities of the same family, known to have been implanted by the protect and defend hacked teams rackets, (and distributed to their equivalent protect and defend rackets with death squads “friends,”) regard now “new” factory rigged motherboards and hard disks firmware, a little 180 millions problem, so far, only destined to become popular across script kiddies and criminal networks, creating a positive feedback loop of drop of trust of IT and governments rackets, the same, usual fourth stage of orlov scale of collapse of civilizations.

All the symptoms point to the IOT being directed towards becoming the ION, well, the “superior geniuses” of qualified and competent american IT, the same geniouses that designed critical controls of critical (mass transport and utilities services) systems on DOS, are going to bring you the pleasant experience of living in a hunted house, all freely included, with the new unprivileged rackets of *stores and “Internet Of Nightmares,” soon coming in a comcast box with any suburbia cardboard mc mansion near you 😉

Thirty years later I still can not see what was wrong with ol ROMs, upgrade, could be purchased (back then at radio shack, but now “could be” at) any walmart near you, but maybe I’m too old for this ‘modern’ geniuses architecture technology that makes you waste more time keeping your BYOD crap running and updating, than using it, hallelujah.

On aside, today I canceled from my reading list, all the newspapers reporting on facebook thumbs down changes, including a paper I read for the last 55 years, can read on news agencies what happened to them, if i need to, and looking again at the list left afterwards, think the list of pile of pedo-christian nazi genocides mafia propaganda garbage media is decreasing while the list of information is improved.

So while zuckerberg plays the lyra like nero, and america burns, as artwork of the KKK GOP pedo-christian teabaggers leadership, maybe the rome georgia gladiators can do a belly dance performance for him to approve or deny, in the chicago colosseum. Damn romans that ran out of lions.

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September 15, 2015 at 4:30 pm

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Windows 10

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Just for information, as for windows 8 and 8.1, for which we replaced the whole disk with one with SuSe 13.2 x64, we are not going to upgrade to windows 10, even realizing that within one year all the windows licenses from 7 back (of systems born on computers, not the ones installed by “full” licenses from CDs,) will be expired and de-supported, both,) after an assessment where we found that we can still run pretty much all 32 bit Oracle on 2k VMs up to version 11. Within a year we may find out if or not our current vista64 and 7 (supporting Oracle 12 and 64 bit versions,) may still be usable for production, if not, they’ll go as well with no replacement, since anyhow modern distribution of application software is going to appliances, and some changes may be on the way also on our software choices (such as changes of architecture for purpose of elimination of WIFI/BT/IR support, java and all adobe products.)

The reasons for the choice, “many,” but a few here, mainly very worrisome such as the copy of all your system at M$ accessible by whoever “they” want, making illegal under any national security laws using windows 10, for which the new policies take effect on 1 August, you can read more here, for new purchases pre-loaded, (now generally 8, 8.1, and probably also soon 10,) we suggest flashing the system and the hard disks BIOS, formatting the drives “without” a UEFI partition, and installing from scratch something else, (SuSe seems a good option, inter-operable among laptops and PCs, or RH/Solaris, inter-operable also among servers.)

Now, everybody is free to make their own choices, but industries bankrupt and governments failed because of espionage are very heavy costs for nations, and at this point the espionage agenda “in hardware” does not permit any longer the solution of use of systems not attached to networks, because they are reachable anyhow via the G3 networks, in so the only hardware solutions are: 1) eliminate BYOD 2) deposit phones at the door 3) only PCs built in 2011 and before (excluding all intel for ring zero escalation bug, all sandy bridge and newer, all vpro and non not v-pro, but OK AMD and servers where LOM/ILO is on a different not connected port) 4) Elimination of windows outside of virtual machines or sealed systems with no network ports 5) Only non PC and non windows compatible (windows is now attached to PRISM) newer purchases (various different architectures to be evaluated.)

Apparently the US industry is realizing to have fucked up big times in sabotaging and spying on it’s allies (and getting caught,) now they predict that is going to cost them money, oh, “that was unexpected,” fine, we may end up buying diskless SPARC in japan, or maybe MIPS64, or what else ? big endian PPC64 ?, countries could build their own national ARM64, bye bye spie spie ;-).

Update 1: While is known that El Gamal is broken, notice that RSA has been back-doored by NSA at least since early 2k, the details, a trick in the usual random generators, in so, off-line generation of (very long, at least 4096 or 8192) keys on good RSA only on systems in the late nineties.

Update 2: Recently mainframes are becoming targets, is advisable to urgently migrate all the legacy systems (no hardware changes required, only software,) s390 to SuSe or RH, possibly going SuSe (as z-linux) now supported by IBM and Oracle, from my testing on Fedora s390 of a few years ago some interesting considerations: easier management as far as training, can run development and testing on virtual machines, (see hercules,) and vulnerabilities are patched much faster. Same (obviously) for other legacy mainframe not maintained, (“and” would be advisable migrating AIX, and all HP as well.)

Update 3: Would be advisable to migrate all critical and all old unsupported versions for general use, to Solaris 11.2, most can be taken care by virtualization, the few things not available, can be run on current SuSe and RH. Been running Solaris 11.x since exit, no known problems. Sufficient numbers of old systems (early 90s generation, “not” intel, all vulnerable,) to be preserved strictly off-line for keys generation.

Update 4: Ciphers and hashes on all older databases “and” operating systems, too weak for current breakers, (also considering parallel clusters power,) “everything” should be upgraded to latest version except mainframe legacy and windows, that should be ported to *ux, vms can be temporarily preserved with sha256, et cetera, upgrades,) “minimum” transitional supported on previous version, safer “current” version, porting of all databases to oracle legacy and mysql, sybase, all and only latest version. Passwords should be a minimum of 18 mixes of characters, upper and lower, symbols and number, with no dictionary words (in any languages,) to be minimally safe, not reusing on different accounts, minimizing online presence.

Update 5: IBM just announced an agreement with Canonical to take Ubuntu on mainframes, for now, stick with SuSe, but in the future, with Canonical, there will be very free mainframe uses for education, CNC, 3d printing, et cetera. Also, the battle with code breakers can not be won, only suppliers that upgrade ‘ahead’ of the vulnerabilities can be trusted, so, basically for the PC and WS market, you are down to “latest” BSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and (verify what they use) many linux. Windoze, nope, even on AMD not vulnerable, passwords can be broken instantly, MAC neither because they only use Intel, ring zero or sandy bridge escalations, no difference, you are out of luck, time to retire “all” Intel CPU machines (except pre 2011 Itanium, unless you want to run DOS, not on network, on pre-2011, there is nothing to escalate there, is already open to all.)

Update 6: As expected, in the next move of microsoft boiling the frog, probably the windows 10 model is directed towards charging the users per month, just as comcast, or others, and now this al capone style forcing up the troth of citizens an offer that can not be refused (not by microsoft, but by the corrupt public system and education system, which force people to use microsoft for their agendas,) is going to result in the the bill gates tax to use public services, sponsored by the political clientele at taxpayers expenses, and is as usual explainable at the levels three and four of the scale of civilizations collapse of orlov, how low the western civilization has fallen, thanks to the over-procreating bigotry of the self referent pedo-clergy and banco-mafia driven “population bomb,” hallelujah.

Update 10: Now both vista 64 and win7 de-supported, with the help of a crappy electric system that has often no decent ground, another alpha and a quad core AMD fried, and with the win 7 on a dual core AMD so bloated to make it too slow to be usable, our oracle (32 bit only support for windows) stops on 11 on server and workstation 2k, no more win or VMS or tru64 alpha either, from now on we support only solaris 64 on both architectures (AMD and SPARC,) linux 64 on red hat and SuSe AMD, and will see eventually if we can do VAX/Alpha and s390 emulation, the rest, “all gone,” no moo … and don’t count on windows 32 either for too long …

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July 30, 2015 at 4:53 pm

Old pictures, Plan 9 x86 on QEMU, Suse 10.2 x64, very fast

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Plan 9 x86



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September 4, 2011 at 9:31 am

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ReactOS 0.3.13, Open Source replacement for older windows legacy, not bad

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Runs fairly good on virtual box, qemu and vmware, here on virtual box




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July 26, 2011 at 3:22 pm

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QEMU cris, running Linux kernel 2.6 tests, embedded

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Have yet to figure out what I can do with them but I’m looking at embedded virtualization samples



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July 23, 2011 at 5:21 pm

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